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    Vocational Schools are 4-semester higher education institutions, aiming to educate the labor force in specific professions in Turkey.  
    Main duties of Akdeniz University Manavgat Vocational School are scientific research, publishing articles and consulting in accordance with the principles of education and learning, modern civilization level, the needs of the society, and development plans. Also, educating and training the labor force in the branches, where and how many this country will need, in accordance with the plans and programs by the The Council of Higher Education and depending on the National education policies and developing plans by using school's own resources such as the pecuniary resources in an efficient, rational, and economic way.
    Organizational structure of the Manavgat Vocational School is below.
1)    Principal of the Vocational School.
2)    Assistant Principal of the Vocational School(responsible for the administration and     financing affairs).
3)    Assistant Principal of the Vocational School(responsible for the student affairs).
4)    Secretary of the Vocational School.


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